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Healing for the Mind, Body & Soul

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Discovery Session


A complimentary consultation to introduce you to the services I offer.

I will answer questions and share the guidance I receive. 

If The Emotion Code and The Body Code resonate with you, I will release your first imbalance.

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Angel Reading

30 min $75

45 min $100

60 min $125

Gentle, loving guidance to assist you on your journey. Whatever you are needing to hear at this moment in time will come through.

Sometimes I am guided to use Angel Oracle and Angel Tarot cards.

Each session is unique to the individual  I am working with and it unfolds exactly as needed. 

*Remote sessions available

via Zoom or phone

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Reiki Session

60 min $150

Reiki is a powerful healing modality that will help you to release lower vibrational energies that no longer serve you

and it helps to restore and create new, healthy cells

It also helps to clear energy blockages and to align your chakras. 

I am a highly sensitive Empath and frequently I feel the energy in your body.

 I share the information I receive at the end of your session. 

*Remote sessions available

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